What is '96 Rankings

'96 Rankings started back in mid-October of 2004. It was a joke to stir the pot on MLive, but after I posted my "top 10" replies came. From how could you rank 7 year olds to, "hey, I'd put this team above that team". A day later I created the email Rankings96@yahoo.com and asked for input and scores on games. I was flooded with mail. Believe it or not, not one was negative, all positive. To this day all email is positive, helping me with scores and team info.

People on MLive will post negative things about ranking an age division, but more than those negatives are the ones who find it entertaining. Not long after I created the email, I started this web site for all the teams in the 2004-2005 Pioneer league, plus a few other teams that were not in that league. I passed the website to only those who gave me info. I am sure they passed it around, I never asked anyone not too.

So alot of people want to know who is '96 Rankings. I can say I am a parent, of a son who is on a '96 team. I also spend alot of time on this site and the rankings themselves. But the idea of '96 Rankings is not one person. It's grown way past that. I have contacts from alot of teams, and some teams I have as many as 5 or 6 contacts. Do they know about each other? I don't know, but I won't tell any of them. I am still looking for contacts for a few teams.

This site does more than entertain. For coaches it lets them find teams similiar to their team. Why play a team you can blow out, or even get blown out. I have also added alot of features, such as tryout dates, contact info, etc. Even if I stopped the ranking part, this site offers more to teams, coaches and fans that want to know more about hockey for '96 birthyear teams.

What are my future plans for all this? I'd like to get the money so I can get the ads taken off the site that geocities puts there. I also would like to make a team page for every team that would list coach, rink, contacts, and more. I also would add graphics and images, also pictures. I am already doing the first tournament. And I think we'll do it again next spring. We'll see what happens in fall, maybe a fall tournament also.

If you read all this, thanks. Maybe it helps why this site is here and what it's intent is. If you think I should add anything, email me. You also can contact me if you have Yahoo Messenger, just put in Rankings96 and if I am online you'll come up on mine.

Thank You.

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This page updated: August 10, 2005