'96 Rankings

Year-End Season Report Card

Info here will be updated as I recieve new information over the next few days

1. Kensington Valley Renegades (Midseason spot - #2 / Difference +1) - The team went 11-5-4 in the 2nd half. They beat Little Ceasars 96 team (8-6) and tied them (3-3), tied the Rebels (0-0) and then beat them 1-0 in OT in the Pioneer Semi-Finals. They won the Pioneer Gold Division playoffs by beating Plymouth 3-1 Feb 27. The team did have a dro in scoring (4.5 in the 2nd half compared to 6.1 at Mid-year), they also saw their defense give up more (2.9/3 shutouts) in the 2nd half than the first (1.3 GAA/4 shutouts). This team has a great spread out offense and the kids know where to pass to and usually the player is in the correct spot. They also played great defense in the championship game, blocking up the middle in front of the goalie to limit Plymouth's scoring chances.
2. Kensington Valley Rebels (Midseason spot - #1 / Difference -1) - The Rebels went 12-4-2 in the 2nd half. Loses to Little Ceasar's, Renegades, & Trenton. Wins against Trenton, Midtown, Plymouth among others in the 2nd half. Still a team in need of offense (2.9). Not powerful on offense but they had a great 2nd half (1.3 GAA/6 shutouts), not as great as the first half (.65 GAA/4 shutouts) and was probably the best defensive mite AA team. Still had a great season, this team was built around defense first, and let the offense come from it's good defense.
3. Plymouth Barracudas - (Midseason spot - #3 / Difference 0) - Went 14-4 in the 2nd half. They have beaten the Trackers, Midtown, Renegades and many other teams, with loses to the Renegades, Rebels & Strongsville They have the offense (5.4) and the defense (1.7 GAA/3 shutouts), but they are not always on every game, but enough to usually win. The Renegades beat this team in the finals by passing, something Plymouth would not do. Solid team, top 3 all season long, at one point did go to #1.
4. Trenton Thunder (Midseason spot - #6 / Difference +2) - Was the most underrated team all season. Well rounded team, a few other players and this team could knock off any of the top 3. They beat the KV Rebels which knocked the Rebels from #1. A team that does well against alot of teams, but has trouble with the top 3. They won the Flint tournament in March.
5. Midtown Financial Flyers (Midseason spot - #4 / Difference -1) - Was a solid team, after midpoint they were beaten only by the team in front of them, having little trouble with those behind them. Got better and stronger as the season went. Future Compuware '96 team, will be a solid opponent. Beat LC 96 in the Flint tournament in March.
6. Detroit Trackers (Midseason spot - #5 / Difference -1) - Did have trouble with a few marginal teams, but still won. Good stickhandling team, maybe one of the best. But also a team that isn't as good with the pass. Won their division in Pioneer League with only a tie against Monroe. Played solid enough to earn a tie with the RV Renegades in the playoffs.
7. Monroe Ice Hawks (Midseason spot - #11 / Difference +4) - A team that went 10-8-3 in the 2nd half. Lost all 3 of their playoff games in the gold division. Needed help in a few areas, goalie, defense.
8. Lapeer Storm (Midseason spot - #10 / Difference +2) - Lost all 3 of their playoff games. 12-7-1 for the 2nd half of the season. Need a few positions and will take the next step.
9. Orchard Lake Pirates (Midseason spot - #8 / Difference -1) - Won the Pioneer League Silver Division title. During the second half only lost to the top teams, beat all others.
10. Farmington Hills Fire (Midseason spot - #7 / Difference -3) - Closed out the season playing in the Silver title game vs Orchard Lake. Won the Southgate tournament in January. Well rounded team, some good sides kids on this team that could skate well.
11. Blue Water Stars (Midseason spot - #9 / Difference -2) - This team had a few really good players that kept them in games, or helped them win. A few more solid players and this team will go farther.
12. Real Finacial (Midseason spot - #12 / Difference 0) - A young team, lead by twin 97 players. Needs help in many areas. But still could beat most teams on any given night, which also meant it could lose to any team on anynight. Went 6-5-1 in the 2nd half.
13. Lakeland Hawks (Midseason spot - #13 / Difference 0) - Went 8-10-1 for the 2nd half. Went thru a stretch with 5 straight loses. Did make it to the Semi-Finals in the Silver division in the playoffs.
14. Detroit Wizards (Midseason spot - #17 / Difference +3) - A very good goalie kept this team in most games. Went 7-10 in the 2nd half. Needs help in more than a few areas.
15. Flint Icelanders (Midseason spot - #15 / Difference 0) - Won the Bronze division playoff title. Team has a few good players. needs help that could move this team up. Went 7-4-1 in the 2nd half.
16. Allen Park Huskies (Midseason spot - #14 / Difference -2) - Went 7-11-2 in the 2nd half. This is a team that couldn't win against team it should have.
17. Southgate Titans (Midseason spot - #18 / Difference +1) - Went 6-11-1 in the 2nd half.
18. Toledo IceDiggers (Midseason spot - #21 / Difference +3) - Went 10-10-2 in the 2nd half, but got better in Mid-January when the teams started to pass and they won a tournament in Cincinnati. Lost in the finals of the Bronze to Flint. Upgrade in talent, and need a goalie.
19. Garden City Gold Wings (Midseason spot - #16 / Difference -3) - A team I never did have much info on. Went 3-14-3 in the 2nd half.
20. Lansing Capital Centre Pride (Midseason spot - #23 / Difference +3) - Went 6-13-1 in the 2nd half, did make the semis in the bronze division. Lost 7 straight towards the end of the season.
21. Hazel Park Otters (Midseason spot - #19 / Difference -2) - Went 4-8 in the 2nd half, did advance to the semis in the playoffs. Team needs more discipline in it's play.
22. Woodhaven Leafs (Midseason spot - #20 / Difference -2) - Went 2-10-3 in the 2nd half. Went out of the playoffs after round 1. Team in need of many positions.
23. Michigan Devils (Midseason spot - #22 / Difference -1) - 3-11-3 in the 2nd half. Went 1-3-1 in the playoffs, going out after round 1. Team need help. In too many places.