Pioneer Thanksgiving Tournament - Monroe

Bracket #1: Trenton / KV Renegades / Southgate / Hazel Park
Bracket #2: Monroe / Detroit Trackers / Detroit Wizards / Blue Water

Friday, November 26, 2004

2:00pm - Trenton 6 - Southgate 0

Trenton didn't start rolling till midway thru the game

3:00pm - Monroe 4 - Detroit Wizards 4

Wizards got up 4-1, then Monroe came back with under 5:00 to go in the 3rd. The Wizards, on a power play to end the game with :43 seconds on the clock had an excellent chance to win it, but was stoned on a great save by the Monroe goalie. The Wizards goalie also did an excellent job.

3:30pm - Detroit Trackers 7 - Blue Water Stars 5

The Trackers led 5-0 after the 1st period. The Trackers led 6-0 into the 2nd period when Blue Water came alive, they even had a penalty shot (wide right), they got it to 6-3 after 2 periods of play. They got it to 6-4, but the Trackers added 1 more to seal it. The game was filled with penalties, each team had a 5-3 during the game, and seemed like there was a player in the box from one of the teams most of the game. For Blue Water, #4 & $91 stood out, know how to pass the puck, stick-handle and shoot it. For the Trackers #39 (97 birth year) stood out as probably the best player when it comes to stick-handling, but never passes. He did go around everyone on the ice more than a few times.

5:30pm - KV Renegades 10 - Hazel Park Otters 1

no info yet

Saturday, November 27, 2004

8:30am - Trenton 7 - Hazel Park 0

9:30am - RV Renegades 5 - Southgate 1

10:30am - Blue Water Stars 9 - Monroe Ice Hawks 3

11:30am - Detroit Trackers 8 - Detroit Wizards 2

3:00pm - Southgate Titans 1 - Hazel park Otters 0

3:30pm - Blue Water Stars 5 - Detroit Wizards 2

Blue Water scored first and kept pressure on the whole time.

4:00pm - RV Renegades 6 - Trenton Thunder 3

KV was up 3-0 after 1, but it was KV 3-2 after 2. KV put the pressure on after that and the last goal was an empty netter. KV has a great game, kids know their position and know where to place the puck when shooting. KV controlled the game, but Trenton never gave up.

4:30pm - Detroit Trackers 4 - Monroe Ice Hawks 1

Trackers started early scoring 11 seconds into the game. The Trackers did keep control most of the game, but this was their worst game of the 3 so far, had trouble getting it out of their zone more than a few times, as did Monroe. Even though the score didn't show it, the Trackers did control most of the game.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

3:00pm - KV Renegades 4 - Detroit Trackers 1 (Championship Game)

Lapeer Thanksgiving Tournament - Lapeer

Bracket #1: Lapeer / 97 Detroit Red Wings / Woodhaven
Bracket #2: Orchard Lake / Port Huron / Lakeland

Friday, November 26, 2004

Orchard Lake Pirates 4 - Port Huron Flags 0

Port Huron looked small next to Orchard Lake. Orchard Lake looked dominating next to this team, alot of time played in the Port Huron zone.

Lapeer Storm 3 - 97 Detroit Red Wings (LC97) - 2

Lapeer scored the first goal, but the Wings came back and went up 2-1. Lapeer ended up winning this game late in the 3rd. Lapeer also controlled the game and the shots in this one.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

9:55am - 97 Detroit Red Wings (LC97) 2 - Woodhaven Leafs 0

10:55am - Lakeland Hawks 5 - Port Huron Flags 0

3:05pm - Lapeer Storm 7 - Woodhaven 1

Lapeer gave up 3 quick shots on period one, then dominated. Woodhaven scored with 54 seconds left on their 6th SOG.

4:10pm - Lakeland 3 - Orchard Lake Pirates 2

A scoreless tie after one. Lakeland scored first on a pp. Orchard Lake tied it quickly. Lakeland went ahead 2-1 before Orchard lake tied it on a bizarre goal. OLP player coming down from hi slot. He and defender get tangled and slide at an angle towards corner. Goalie goes with them thinking the puck is in the pile. Puck creeps in the net from where the collision began. Lakeland scored late in 3rd. Orchard Lake pulled goalie to no avail.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

9:15am - Orchard Lake Pirates 3 - Lapeer Storm 2 (OT)(game 1)

Orchard Lake scored with 2:17 left of a 10 minute overtime. Lapeer scored first in the game, but Orchard Lake tied it up quickly. Orchard Lake made it 2-1 on a goal with 45 seconds left in the 3rd. Lapeer pulls their goalie and tied it up with 8.9 seconds left in regulation. Lapeer seemed to control alot of this game. And this game would of been a nice game for the championship.

10:15am - Lakeland 2 - LC97 1 (game 2)

LC97 took the lead first, but Lakeland tied it and ended up winning the game while on a 5 on 3 powerplay.

11:15am - Woodhaven 1 - Port Huron Flags 1 (consolation game)

3:20pm - Orchard Lake Pirates 6 - Lakeland 1 (Championship Game)

Disclaimer: Any of this info is for entertainment purposes and should be taken lightly. Every kid and team who played this weekend did their best and hope had a great time. Remember there are no winners and losers, just teams that win and teams that don't win.