'96 Rankings

Mid-Season Report Card

Games through December 7, 2004

Info here will be updated as I recieve new information over the next few days

1. Kensington Valley Rebels (6-0-0 PHL / 14-3-1 Overall) - Has not been beaten by any team in the Pioneer League or Mite AA Team. Won the Pioneer Showcase Tournament in September, beat Lansing Capital Squirt A, tied Livingston Lightning Squirt A, lost to Chelsea Squirt A by 1 goal. Additional losses to Losses to LC 96 by 1, and Brampton Battalion. This team has played tough against squirt teams, and has beaten the KV Renegades (4-2), Plymouth (2-1), Midtown twice (5-0, 4-2), Team Cleveland (4-1) and many others. To beat this team is to knock them from the top spot and take it as yours. I can see the Renegades or Plymouth doing this, not many others. Not powerful on offense but they have a .65 GAA/4 shutouts and is probably the best defensive mite AA team. Scoring first and allot is the key here, since they don't have the offense. Have a very bad habit of playing to the level of competition which could hurt them down the road.
2. Kensington Valley Renegades (7-0-1 PHL / 20-1-2 Overall) - Has been beaten by only 1 team this season, The Rebels. They won the Pioneer Thanksgiving Tournament and were runners-up in the Pioneer Showcase Tournament in September. They have tied Team Cleveland (4-4) and Midtown (1-1). This team unlike the Rebels can score (6.1 goals a game/4 games with 10 or more) to go along with their great defense (1.3 GAA/4 shutouts). They have beaten Plymouth (6-5), Team Cleveland (3-1), Midtown (3-1), Trenton (twice) and many others. Unlike the Rebels the Renegades play 96 teams, not an squirt teams. To beat this team you have to stay with them on the scoreboard, because of their offense. But your defense has to keep them from scoring. A game with the Renegades will come down to the final minutes of a game.
3. Plymouth Barracudas - (8-0-0 PHL / 20-4-0 Overall) - Has been beaten by the Renegades (6-5), Rebels (2-1), Branston Battalions (2-1) and LC 96 (10-1). They have not been in any of the Pioneer tournaments so far, but did win an Indianapolis Tournament over Thanksgiving. They have beaten the Trackers (twice), Midtown (twice), Real Financial (twice) and many other teams. They have the offense and the defense (5 shutouts), but they are not always on every game, but enough to usually win. This is a team to score early and alot on. They'll get their goals, but still give up a few. This teams has played both the Rebels and Renegades tough and could beat either one. They also have the ability to slack and let other teams stay around. A top 3 team all season so far.
4. Midtown Financial Flyers (5-1-1 PHL / 16-8-2 Overall) - Started the season off against some of the better teams, starting to win now and have lost once since October 24 (Trenton 4-3 on Dec 2). This team provides average offense and defense, shows they can hold their own. Lost to Plymouth (twice), Renegades (3-1), Rebels (twice), and Trenton. Have beaten Farmington Hills, Orchard Lake, Real Financial and the Trackers to name a few. They're in a strong division.
5. Detroit Trackers (7-0-0 PHL / 13-6-0 Overall) - They will go on streaks, can beat the lower teams, but has the problems with the higher ranked teams, have beaten Monroe and Blue Water, but has been beaten by Renegades, Plymouth (twice), Midtown, among others. Great puck handling skills by this team, to the point of no passing. Lost to the Renegades in the finals of the Pioneer Thanksgiving Tournament. To beat this team you need to play 2 on the puck. On offense they can be explosive against the weaker teams like no other team, but the better teams can shut down this offense to a goal or two.
6. Trenton Thunder (Not in PHL / 15-8-0 Overall) - Well rounded team, underrated by most teams. Have lost to Plymouth (twice), Renegades (twice), LC96 (9-5), Farmington Hills (3-2) and Team Cleveland (4-3) among others. They have beaten the Trackers, Farmington Hills, Midtown. To play this team keep them under 5 goals, because they can put the points on the board. Defense can be great at times (6 shutouts), or not Plymouth (8 goals) and LC96 (9 goals). Hard to find a way to stop this team. Keep the score close and keep them from scoring.
7. Farmington Hills Fire (3-3-2 PHL / 9-7-3 Overall) - A team that started out not so strong with loses to Garden City, Trenton, Rebels, and Midtown. Lately this team is winning beating Real Financial (twice), Lakeland, and tying Orchard Lake. Doesn't score alot of goals, unless it's a big scoring game, hasn't blown out many opponents. In a strong division.
8. Orchard Lake Pirates (2-4-1 PHL / 12-7-4 Overall) - Has won 2 tournaments this season, Fright on Ice in October in Illinois and the Thanksgiving Tournament in Lapeer. But they seem to have their problems with Pioneer teams, Allen Park, Lapeer, Lakeland, Midtown. But they have beat the Trackers and Monroe. Most of their games are low scoring, even the better teams don't blow out them. But they do have the occasional tough game against a weaker team.
9. Blue Water Stars (3-4-0 PHL / 8-6-1 Overall) - This teams was an unknown to me till recently. They proved they can stay with some teams in the Pioneer Thanksgiving Tournament. They can play good, but at times get blown out (twice to the Renegades). Will prove more with wins over the lower teams and playing close or winning against the higher teams. They can score, but against can get score against when not on, which is more than not.
10. Lapeer Storm (4-3-0 PHL / 7-4-0 Overall) - Lost to Orchard Lake in the Semis of the Lapeer Thanksgiving Tournament. Has been shutout twice by the Renegades. They have also lost to Blue Water and Orchard Lake. They have beat Lakeland and Orchard Park. Can put away the weak teams, but can they play with the top teams, we'll find out.
11. Monroe Ice Hawks (4-0-0 PHL / 10-8-2 Overall) - This team was in the top 5 at one point this season and dropped after their performance in the Pioneer Thanksgiving Tournament (in Monroe) with loses to Blue Water and the Trackers, even tying the Wizards. They have been beaten by the Rebels (twice), Team Cleveland, Orchard Lake. They have beaten the Real Financial. Team on the down, but in a weak division.
12. Real Finacial (4-2-0 PHL / 9-7-0 Overall) - Started off strong going 4-0 and was a top 6 team, but then the loses started against stronger teams, losing to Plymouth (16-6, 5-4), Monroe, Farmington Hills, Midtown and a few others, their strongest win was against Monroe (10-5) back in September, and a list of teams in the lower end of the rankings. They do have 2 of the best players on their team (both are 97's), but has little supporting them. They use each of them for different lines, and both can score and stick handle very well. In a slide, losing 4 of their last 6, and dropping down on the rankings.
13. Lakeland Hawks (2-5-0 PHL / 6-6-2 Overall) - Started the season out slow, loses to a few teams lower ranked than they are now, such as Flint, they have been beaten by the Renegades, Lapeer (twice), and Farmington Hills. They have stepped it up recently with wins against Blue Water (5-4) and Orchard Lake (3-2). They are in a tough division which could leave them at the bottom come playoff time. But they are a team that should not be taken lightly.
14. Allen Park Huskies (2-4-0 PHL / 5-10-1 Overall) - In a stretch of some loses now, started the season off 3-0-1, which included a win against Orchard Lake. But they just got out of a 7 game losing streak which included loses to the Renegades, Trenton, Garden City to name a couple. Other than beating Orchard Lake, they have beaten Southgate (twice), Hazel Park, & Garden City. Not a high scoring team, but they have had a couple blowout loses. It isn't helping them being in a weaker division.
15. Flint Icelanders (2-7-0 PHL / 5-13-2 Overall) - They were 3-2-1 to start the season, beating Lansing and Lakeland. But they have been beaten this season by Lakeland, Lansing, Renegades (twice). They stopped a recent 9 game losing streak, beating Port Huron (9-0). They do have a couple blowout loses, but usually keep the game close. Again this team is in a tougher division.
16. Garden City Gold Wings (2-3-0 PHL / 3-9-1 Overall) - A team I still have little info on, they did beat Farmington Hills, Allen Park and Woodhaven. Their loses include Southgate, Woodhaven, Allen Park, and the Trackers (twice). They are currently in a 3-game losing streak after getting out of a stretch where they didn't win in 5 games (0-4-1).
17. Detroit Wizards (3-3-1 PHL / 3-8-2 Overall) - A team with a goalie who can keep them in the game. Recently tied Monroe and beat the Michigan Devils, also have beaten Southgate (twice). They have loses to Toledo, the Trackers (3 times), and Real Financial (twice) to mention a few. Sitting in the middle of a weak division.
18. Southgate Titans (2-4-0 PHL / 5-10-1 Overall) - Southgate is a mix of two .500 house teams with a very strong 1st line center and a very good goalie added from another city. Very slow average speed, team tends play well at the early stages of a game, but will give up if down by more than 2 goals. They're another team sitting in a weak division. Wins against Toledo, the Devils, Garden City, Woodhaven and Hazel Park. Loses against Monroe, Woodhaven, and Allen Park (twice) to just mention a few. Their #1 goalie has been out due to health problems quite a bit, #1 center plays a good defensive game to make up for poor defensive players until the team is down, then in an attempt to make up ground defense falls apart. Probably two or three kids on this team should be playing travel, the rest are mediocre house players. Team will look to the future.
19. Hazel Park Otters (1-4-0 PHL / 3-9-0 Overall) - IN a 7-game losing streak with some bad loses to Plymouth (10-0), Renegades (10-1), Trenton (7-0) also have loses to Allen Park, Southgate, Monroe, and Real Financial (twice). They have beaten the '97 Red Wings (7-3), Woodhaven (9-1) and Monroe (5-3). Started the season out 3-2-0, but it's been downhill ever since, played in the Pioneer Thanksgiving Tournament losing all 3 and scoring only 1 goal over the games. Their division is not as tough as some of the other teams.
20. Woodhaven Leafs (1-5-0 PHL / 3-10-1 Overall) - Wins against Garden City, Southgate and Toledo. With loses to Garden City, Southgate, Trenton (twice) and a few others. Playing at the bottom in a weak division. Does not have the offense to help them in winning games. A team that will need to look to improve in certain areas.
21. Toledo IceDiggers (2-5-1 PHL / 2-17-2 Overall) - In a weak division. Beat the Devils and the Wizards, with ties against the Wizards and Lansing. Lost to Trenton (twice), Team Cleveland, Renegades, Southgate, Trackers (twice). Weak in alot of places, does not have the offense to win, needs help in the goalie position. A team needing to improve alot for the future.
22. Michigan Devils (1-7-0 PHL / 2-12-2 Overall) - Both wins against Toledo (2-1 & 1-0) in close games. Blowout loses to the Trackers (14-0) and Monroe doesn't help. In a weak division doesn't either. Needs major improvments for the future to stay competitive.
23. Lansing Capital Centre Pride (0-7-1 PHL / 2-14-3 Overall) - Wins against Flint (6-2) and the KV97 team (5-4). Loses include Farmington Hills, Midtown (3 times), Flint, Orchard Lake (twice), Rebels (3-1) Renegades (2-0). Their bright spot could be the recent tie with Farmington Hills. Not alot of offense, but the defense doesn't usually let alot in either. Goalie keeps them from getting blown out. They are in the strongest division.
24. Port Huron Flags (Not in PHL / 0-3-2 Overall) - New to the rankings, lost to Orchard Lake, Lakeland, and Flint, has tied Woodhaven and the Michigan Devils. More info on this team is needed. Major over haul for next season is in order. Would probably have a hard time with some of the 97 teams.