'96 Rankings

Division Breakdown

Games through December 7, 2004

1. Red Wing Conference - Chelios - The strongest of the 4 divisions. It has Kensington Valley Rebels (#1), Midtown Financial Flyers (#4), Farmington Hills Fire (#7), and Orchard Lake Pirates (#8). 4 teams in the top 10. The other team is Lansing Capital Centre Pride (#23). Solid conference which is why a good team like Orchard Lake is under .500 in division play. When playoffs start this division will be well represented in the Gold and Silver brackets.
2. Red Wing Conference - Lidstrom - The next strongest, it has Kensington Valley Renegades (#2), Lapeer Storm (#10), Blue Water Stars (#9), Lakeland Hawks (#13) and Flint Icelanders (#15). Not as strong as the Chelios Devision, but the Renegades will be strong in the playoffs. Blue Water and Lapeer will fight over who goes to the Gold and who goes to the Silver. Again this division will have strong teams in the Silver bracket.
3. Maple Leafs Conference - Domi - This conference places third because the lower teams are not as good, even though it has 6 teams. Plymouth (#3) will be a strong team in the playoffs, Real Financial (#12) in the Gold bracket could be overmatched. Allen Park Huskies (#14), Garden City Gold Wings (#16) will be no match in the Silver against the Red Wing Conference teams. Hazel Park Otters (#19) and Woodhaven Leafs (#20) will get a good shot in the Bronze bracket.
4. Maple Leafs Conference - Sundin - The weakest of the divisions, is it because they are the teams most south? The Detroit Trackers (#5) will have to play great as a team come playoffs. Monroe Ice Hawks (#11) like Real Financial will be overmatched in the Gold bracket. The Detroit Wizards (#17), Southgate Titans (#18), Toledo IceDiggers (#21) and the Michigan Devils (#22) will be no match in the Silver bracket, no matter which 2 make it there. The other 2 could have a shot in the Bronze bracket because of the weaker teams in all divisions.